Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Photobooth Pictures!

This is my second blog:  Brick Boys Bricks 2.  It is a blog where I post some other stuff that I don't post on "Cool Stuff That I Make."

A couple of days ago, I found out that you could make up your own backgrounds on the MAC Photobooth App.  Here are some of the backgrounds that I took from other sites:

This one is Star Wars:

This one is Book 6 of the Sister's Grimm series:

This one is the top of the Sister's Grimm website:

This one is the first Sister's Grimm book cover:

This is the Lego Harry Potter character, Hagrid:

You have probably seen this picture before because I've done a post on my blog with it, except for I wasn't in the picture that time.  There is a cricket that was really, really big, black and disgusting.  Ifyou look behind my hand, you will see it.  

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